Want to increase sales & get more clients?

Boost your sales with a strategic marketing plan

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If you want to get more clients and increase sales, the first thing you need is the right marketing strategy.

After all, thereís little point in becoming more effective at the wrong things. To get the maximum return from your business, you need to be doing the right things in your marketing.

With a strategic marketing plan, you'll know what you should be doing ... and how to do it.

It'll answer the three fundamental marketing questions:

(1) What is your offer (why people should buy from you rather than your competitors)?

(2) Who is your most lucrative target market?

(3) What are the most cost and time-effective ways of delivering that offer to that market?

Itíll go over everything youíre doing in your marketing right now (and in the past) and find ways you can increase the return from these activities. And then itíll identify additional low and no-cost marketing systems and methods you can add to what youíre already doing to bring in even more money.

With this plan, youíll know how to:

  1. Bring in more leads
  2. Close a higher percentage of these enquiries
  3. Increase your average profit per sale
  4. Retain and re-sell existing clients
  5. Generate more referrals

To see an example of a strategic marketing plan I wrote for a client, click here. Youíll see how I identified the clientís key selling strength and showed her simple, inexpensive and predictable ways she could grow her business.

This is similar to what some people call a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.

Itís making the most from the situation youíre in right now to find the quickest, easiest and most reliable ways for your business to climb the ladder to the next level (having first made sure youíre climbing the right ladder).

If youíd like a plan like this for your business, read on Ö

Hereís how weíll do it:

Weíll start with a 2-hour session by telephone where Iíll take you through a process Iíve developed. This session will give me the information I need to understand:

  • Where your business is
  • How it got there
  • Where you want to go
  • How you can get there

Then Iíll spend a few days thinking about the best way for you to pursue these goals. Once Iíve worked this out, Iíll put it in the form of a written plan like the one youíve just seen.

Then weíll get together again on the phone to talk it through so youíre sure you understand what you need to do to.     

What would this be worth to you?

If you could get your marketing focused, so you knew what you should be doing to get the greatest return from the time, effort and money youíre putting into promoting your business, how much would that add to your sales?

10%? 25%? 50%?

Letís assume just 10%, how much money would that be?

Letís imagine your business is just scraping by. Letís imagine youíre only making £10,000 a year from your business Ė which isnít even enough for one person to live on (certainly not here in Edinburgh).

If you could increase sales by 10%, that would be an extra £1,000 profit a year.

But, youíre probably not making £10,000, youíre probably making far more than that. So, 10% for you will probably be far more than £1,000. Probably somewhere between £2,000 and £8,000 a year.

And, if youíre planning to stay in business for the next 10 years, that's £20,000 to £80,000 in the next decade.

Iím not going to charge you anything like that amount. I'm not even going to charge you £1,000. The cost of this marketing plan is a single payment of just £337.

That works out at less than £1 a day over the next year.

Yet, without it, how many hours would you waste trying to work out how to put together a plan like this on your own? How much money would you lose on speculative and ineffective marketing on the way to finding out what works? 

You can bypass the trial and error and have this done for you by a professional.

And, this comes with my 100% money back guarantee. If you follow the plan, I guarantee you will get back more than double my fees in increased profits within just 12 months, or I will refund your money in full.

And, as the foundation of my approach is to get the maximum return from the marketing assets, activities and opportunities that already exist within your business, most of the initial growth is achieved without increasing your spending on marketing.

So, if you're not spending any extra money on marketing and my fees are 100% guaranteed, you're not risking money on returns you may never see. Itís ďcan't loseĒ marketing.

And, if you book before 1st July, Iím offering a special deal where Iíll not only create a marketing plan for your business, Iíll also give you two free bonuses:

** Free Bonus 1: one hour of free coaching from me (value £60). You can use this any time before 27th September 2006.

** Free Bonus 2: a free report from the world's top marketing guru (value $295) - a man who charges $10,000 for just two hours consulting (by telephone). In this report, he explains how to find instant increased profits in your business. 

Thatís £218 extra services free if you book by the end of June 2006.

If this offer sounds like the shot in the arm your marketing needs, pick up the phone and call me on 0131 3371 504 for an informal, no obligation chat about your business.

Once You've Got The Plan ...

 Ö once youíve got the plan, youíve got three options:

  1. You can implement the plan yourself and, if you need to, you can always come back and hire me on an ad-hoc basis to help you with different parts of it.
  2. You can retain me as a marketing coach. Weíll have regular (usually once a fortnight) one-hour sessions where we review your progress and plan the weeks ahead.
  3. You can hire me to do most of the marketing implementation for you, so youíre free to run the business.

(1)Ad-hoc consultations

If you decide to implement the plan yourself, but find that youíd like my advice or feedback, you can book one-off sessions with me. These can be one-hour (£65) or two-hour sessions (£125).

(2) Coaching

Weíll have regular telephone sessions (usually one hour, once a fortnight) where we review your marketing progress and set marketing goals and activities for the following weeks.

The benefit of this option is that you'll have regular support, feedback and advice from a marketing specialist thatís part of your team. You'll know exactly what steps to take and in what order, so you'll be able to do it effectively and get the results you want.

Also, because we'll have regular scheduled sessions, you'll keep focused on your marketing. This is of great value to many business owners because it can be so easy to put aside strategic business building activities like marketing due to the daily pressures of business.

If you understand the importance of marketing, you'll be able to see why it will be so helpful to have someone who's going to make sure you stick to your marketing plan and support you as you put in place the marketing systems that will grow your business to the next level.

The coaching costs £60 an hour. However, after every fourth sessions, you get a fifth session free.

The guarantee for my coaching work is, if you implement my suggestions, I guarantee youíll get back more than double my fees in increased profits within 12 months, or I will refund your money in full.

(3) Part-Time Marketing Manager

With this option, Iíll take your marketing plan and do the lion's share of the implementation.

For example I'll...

Typically, Iíll work one day a week for your business, so the cost is spread out over a long period and quite quickly you should find that my fees are being paid out of the additional profits Iíve already generated for you.

The price of this is £237 per day. My guarantee here is that, if you allow me to implement the changes I recommend, if you don't get back double my fees in increased profits within 12 months, I'll return your money in full.

Additional service: Critiques & Re-writes

If you have written marketing materials (ads, flyers, sales letters, web pages etc.), there are a number of key components that will affect your results:

  1. The headline
  2. The offer
  3. The selling point(s)
  4. Objection handling
  5. The call to action
  6. The response mechanism

If youíd like to get the best possible return from your written marketing, I offer marketing critiques where Iíll give you a written review of whatever youíd like to improve.

These critiques can be either detailed feedback or they can be a complete re-write.

The price of these varies, but is based on a rate of £49 per hour. If you send me a copy of the materials youíd like me to critique, Iíll quote you a price based on my estimate of how long the work will take. And, if you hire me to re-write your materials, if youíre not 100% satisfied with my re-write, Iíll re-write it until you are.

Unlike my other services, this option is also available to people who havenít created a marketing plan with me.

Important note: Although my guarantees are based on a minimum return of 200% of your investment, I expect to achieve results for you of 500%-1000%+ (otherwise, I'd rather not do the project at all).

The guarantee is set at the very minimum of what I believe I should achieve to even deserve to keep your money. However, I'm not aware of any marketing consultant who offers such a strong guarantee.

So, if you'd like to grow your business by marketing more effectively, call me on 0131 3371 504 for an informal, no obligation chat about your options.

Best wishes

Steve Gibson