How to Continually Improve Your Marketing

When I work with a client, I start off by finding ways to increase the return from the things they're already doing.

The first step in this process is to identify their existing marketing activities.

What's a marketing activity?

A marketing activity is anything that is intended to move a client or prospect along the sales process.

I divide marketing activities into 5 categories:

1. External Lead Generation
2. Converting leads to clients
3. Up-selling
4. Re-selling
5. Referrals

There are three steps in improving any marketing process in your business – test, measure and compare. You measure the return from your current approach. Then you try something different and compare the results.

Now you have two approaches and you keep the best one. Then you repeat the process of testing, measuring and comparing.

What can you test?

For a newspaper advert, you could try:

o The headline
o Price
o Different ways of expressing the offer
o Guarantees
o Response mechanisms (e.g. telephone v coupon)
o Different newspapers
o Different sections of the paper
o Different days

For other parts of the sales process, you can test different closing techniques, tel;ephone scripts, referral systems, client retention programs, up-selling offers and so on.

The key to testing is to change only one thing at a time. You keep everything else the same so you can measure the change in that one part of the process.

If you were testing an ad and you changed the price and, at the same time, ran the ad in a different newspaper, you’d have no idea what effect the change in price had on the response.

That's because you've got two factors that have changed the response. You haven't segregated the effect of the price change. You've got to test the two changes separately.

You should now understand the value of testing. Testing allows you to continually improve your marketing.

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Best wishes

Steve Gibson