Marketing Coach

As your Marketing Coach, we’ll have regular telephone sessions (usually one hour, once a fortnight) where we review your marketing progress and set marketing goals and activities for the following weeks.

The benefit of the coaching service is that you'll have regular support, feedback and advice from a marketing specialist that’s part of your team. You'll know exactly what steps to take and in what order, so you'll be able to do it effectively and get the results you want.

Also, because we'll have regular scheduled sessions, you'll keep focused on your marketing. This is of great value to many business owners because it can be so easy to put aside strategic business building activities like marketing due to the daily pressures of business.

If you understand the importance of marketing, you'll be able to see why it will be so helpful to have someone who's going to make sure you stick to your marketing plan and support you as you put in place the marketing systems that will grow your business to the next level.

The coaching costs only £47 an hour. And, after every fourth sessions, you get a fifth session free.

The guarantee for my coaching work is, if you implement my suggestions, I guarantee you’ll get back more than double my fees in increased profits within 12 months, or I will refund your money in full.

Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson Consulting, Edinburgh 2007