Marketing Services

My business offers a range of marketing services.

From strategic marketing services such as help with your marketing strategy and marketing plan, to marketing execution services such as copywriting, ad writing, sales and referral scripts, website consultation and internet marketing services.

The list of marketing services below should give you an idea of the main services we provide. However, if there are other services you need to help you with your marketing, get in touch as I may be able to help you or recommend someone who could.

Strategic Marketing Plan - it is said that "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". A strategic marketing plan will show you how to increase the return from your existing marketing and add new profit generating marketing systems to you business - guaranteed! To learn more about strategic marketing plans, click here - strategic marketing plan.

Part-time Marketing Manager - if you know that you need someone to design and implement effective marketing systems for your business, but you've not got the time or experience to do this yourself, this is your solution. As your part-time marketing manager, I can put together these systems for you. To learn more about my services as part-time marketing manager, click here - part-time marketing manager.

Marketing Coach - if you understand the importance of marketing, you'll be able to see why it will be so helpful to have someone who's going to make sure you stick to your marketing plan and support you as you put in place the marketing systems that will grow your business to the next level. Click here - marketing coach - to learn more.

Copywriting and Critiquing - marketing is all about telling your target market about your product and services. Therefore, a key factor in your marketing success is how well you express this message. Click here - copywriting - to learn how using a professional marketer and writer will improve the return from your written and website marketing.

Search Engine Marketing - the search engines have turned advertising on its head - instead of the business looking for the prospects, the prospects are looking for you.  Make sure they find you, not your competitors with my - Search Engine Marketing services.

Most of these services come with my 200%, full money-back guarantee. Full information about the guarantees is given with the description of each service.

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