Search Engine Marketing

The search engines can put your marketing message in front of people who are already looking for your product or service.

Imagine this, someone who's a red hot prospect goes to google and searches for a business just like yours and you can be there - right on page 1 of google - telling him why he should visit your site and learn why he should do business with you.

Not only that, all you have to pay for this privilege is a few pence if, and only if, he likes your ad and comes to your site!

Welcome to the world of pay per click marketing - one of the most exciting new forms of business promotion available today.

"I decided to use Steve's expertise in PPC management to improve my Adwords campaign. In a few short weeks, I experienced more sales in my process service & surveillance campaigns than ever before. Definitely the smartest move I ever made."
Jorge Salgado-Reyes

This form of search engine marketing means that you can get your site in front of your ideal prospects for very little cost. Not only that, you can be up and running with a google Adwords campaign in as little as 15 minutes - even if your website is brand new!

Compare this to traditional direct mail:

- with DM, you typically have to pay to rent a list. With pay per click, there's no list, the prospect comes to you.

- with DM, you have to pay postage to get your message to the prospect. With PPC, the cost of a click can be (much) less than the price of a second class stamp.

- with DM, many of your letters will not get opened (on average 22% of direct mail is binned without being opened). With pay per click advertising, you only pay when someone visits your site. You don't pay a penny if the prospect doesn't click on your ad.

- with DM, most of the people you write to have no (immediate) need or desire for your product. With pay per click advertising, the prospect is actively looking for your product or service on the search engines!

Isn't it easy to see why using pay per click to get on page one of the search engines (particularly google, the daddy of them all) is a bargain? And why, when it's done well, it can bring in a lot of money for you business at very little cost (and very little risk).

However, setting up an effective campaign isn't easy and there are a lot of pitfalls.

Three times in the last 2 years, google has brought in changes to their Adwords program that mean that many businesses now have to pay through the nose for their clicks.

However - and here's the good news - these changes have made it easier for clued-up search engine marketers to make money from google pay per click.

"My website wasn’t bringing in any business.

I spent around £1,000 with one Pay Per Click company but only got a single £300 job in return.

I then turned to Steve Gibson. He made changes to my site and marketed it online.

As a result, I’m getting lots of enquiries – and more importantly, business! – through my website and Steve’s work has already made a profit for me.

The quality of Steve’s work, combined with his integrity and willingness to go beyond the call of duty means I’d encourage anyone to talk to Steve about their marketing."

Ian Gallagher

So, if you'd like help either setting up a brand new pay per click campaign or improving an existing one, call me on 0131 337 1504 or email me at

Steve Gibson

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